Beautiful body art

Visit us in Aberdeen and tell our artists your ideas and about the designs you have in mind. You can browse some samples from Jenny Clarke Design and Gentleman's Tattoo Flash for inspiration, or bring us some ideas of your own. Our skilled tattoo artists will make sure your design is exactly as you imagined.

Quality body art

A tattoo is one of the boldest forms of expression. Our experienced tattoo artists, Lee, Tomasz, Valentin, Liam and Carol, are dedicated to producing high quality body art. As with any artist, each of our amazing team has their own particular style, so get to know them and their art. Have a look at our gallery and be inspired, or simply drop by Rebel Ink on George Street in Aberdeen and tell us about your ideas. We'd love to hear them and bring your tattoo to life.
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Quality body art

Unique tatoos

We can provide:

  • Custom tattoo work
  • Unique designs
  • Flash designs
  • Cover-up tattoos
  • Refreshing old tattoos
"Wouldn't trust any other tattoo studio. I would definitely recommend Rebel Ink to everyone. The staff are extremely friendly and extremely talented."- Jemma Buxton
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Tattoo removal and cover up services

If you no-longer want your tattoo, you'll be happy to hear there are tattoo removal options available. We can skilfully create cover-up tattoos to hide an unwanted tattoo either by tattooing directly over it, altering it or incorporating it into a larger design. Contact our team in Aberdeen for expert advice. 
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